Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  What ages or grades can participate in MusiCamp?

A:  BAND - Because some schools start band earlier than others, we do not have a specific grade level set for attending camp.  Instead, we ask that students complete at least one year of band instruction.  Campers can also be as old as recently graduated high school students.

CHOIR & PIANO - We ask that choir and piano students have completed at least 5th grade.  Again, they can attend camp as a camper after graduation and before entering college.  Piano students need to have completed at least one year of piano instruction.

Q:  What instruments are accepted at MusiCamp?

A:  BAND - All standard band instruments are welcome to participate. String players who play in their school band or who want an ensemble experience playing with a band are welcome to attend with the understanding that they will be mainly playing in flat keys (Bb, Eb, Ab, etc).

Students who play a band instrument and also play a secondary jazz instrument (electric guitar, bass) are encouraged to bring their instrument to camp, as all students have the opportunity to play in a jazz ensemble.

CHOIR - All voice types welcome.


Q:  My student is a young, beginning player/singer.  Will there be other campers the same age?

A:  Yes.  There are many younger students who attend camp, and for many this is their first time away from home.  We make sure our young campers feel safe and welcome.  There is also a band/choir specifically for beginning students.

Q:  What is the difference between a commuter and residential camper?

A:  A commuter is someone who is not staying in the dorms for camp.  Typically these are students who live in or near Bemidji and stay in their own homes in order to save money (commuters do not need to pay the room and board fee).  These students then commute to camp each day.  A residential camper is someone who is staying in the dorms the entire week.

Q:  My student lives in Bemidji (or nearby), does he/she have to be a commuter?

A:  No, Bemidji area students are welcome to stay in the dorms.  They will, however, need to pay for the room and board fee. 

Q:  I need help getting up to camp.  Is there any transportation available?

A:  Yes.  There is a bus that drives from the Twin Cities area up to Bemidji and makes several stops to pick up passengers along the way.  Please visit the Getting to Camp page for details.

Q:  What does a daily schedule look like for MusiCamp?

A:  A sample daily schedule can be found in the Information Materials page.  Please note that this is not a final schedule and that all schedules are subject to change to fit the demands of camp each year.

Q:  What types of other activities do students participate in?

A:  Students may participate in a variety of activities, such as: bowling, outdoor activities, faculty recital, student recital and talent show, concerts, movie night, campfire, lake recreation, games and others (outdoor events weather permitting).

Q:  Do students audition for camp?  What do they need to prepare?

A:  Students are asked to complete a short audition on the first day of camp shortly after registration.  Students should plan to play something that they have recently worked on or studied that shows their ability level, such as few lines of a solo, band music from a recent concert, or an exercise from a lesson book.  Students may also be asked to play a few scales or do some sight-reading.

Q:  What class should my student sign up for?

A:  We recommend different classes based on campers' ages and ability levels.  These recommendations do not exclude anyone from signing up for these classes but often times do indicate the priority for which we assign classes.  Visit the Class Offerings page for more details on classes.

Piano campers will be enrolled into a piano-specific course.

Q:  Will students have access to internet during the week?

A:  Yes.  There are ethernet ports located in each dorm room and WIFI access throughout campus.  The use of electronic devices during instruction is strictly prohibited.

Q:  Can my student stay in the same dorm as his/her friend or relative?

A:  Yes.  On the registration form, there is a spot to write in a roommate preference.  We will do our best to accommodate roommate requests, but there will be a higher chance of the request being granted if a) both students write each other as their preference and b) students turn in their applications before July 1.

Q:  How do I register for MusiCamp?  What are the payment options?

A:  To register for camp, you must complete and return the registration form.  Visit the Registration page for more instructions.

A spot will not be reserved for applicants who fail to include the $80 non-refundable deposit.

Please be sure to contact us at so that we can clarify any questions you may have.

Q:  Is there any financial assistance available for camp?

A:  Yes.  Please visit the Scholarships page for more information.  There are a limited number available.

Q:  My student is/was an All-State member; how does the free tuition work?

A:  The Tuition fee is completely waived.  You only need to pay the Room & Board fee (if you are staying on campus).  On your registration form, please write "All-State Tuition Waiver" in the tuition section.  If you have any further questions, please contact

Q:  How much does it cost to attend the final concert(s)?

A:  The final concert is free to attend.

Q:  Is there handicap access to the concert hall?

A:  Yes.  Please contact so that we may thoroughly meet your informational needs and provide the best possible accommodations.

Q:  How can I donate to Bemidji MusiCamp?

A:  At this time, we ask that you please contact us at  Thank you for your consideration!